On The Last of Us Part 2 I was responsible for designing and implementing sounds for all physics items, treasures and animal flees.

On this page, I'll explain how these systems work and give video examples

Associate Sound Designer



The Last of Us Part 2 has 1,175 physics objects. objects you can knock over, kick around, all of which make sounds. I recorded a lot of my own sounds to use and reuse. An overview: based on the impulse inflicted by the player, a sound would play. Each object had its own specific set of joints that I could play sounds on, or not. I had three buckets of three sounds with varying degrees of hit sounds. i.e. small, medium, large. Inside our audio engine, Scream, I placed a volume curve on these buckets so that small impacts are softer and hard are max volume. In addition to these we had slide, roll and constraint sounds. These are all looping sounds with a volume curve.

Breakable items, such as vases, have a collapse and piece break sound, the pieces are then physicalized.  Collapses were normally one shot sounds. However in a space like the China shop, these sounds became repetitive and it wasnt feesible memory-wise to have as many variations as we needed. I instead modeled it after the glass system and had four buckets:

Tonal impact -> initial break -> collapse -> tail

this gave us the variation we needed in that space. 

In the video examples I have items in context with the full mix and then solo'd.



Inspects, as we called them, are anything that Ellie/Abby pick up and can view in the world. Some of these are considered 'treasures' or things you keep in your backpack that you can view later. This includes things like Ellie's hero cards, Abby's coins, upgrade manuals, notes, among others. These are a very intimate thing for the player to experience and one that makes players come back for another playthrough. As I did with physics, I recorded a lot of my own sounds for these objects. As you'll see, an inspect acts as follows:

Pick up -> rotate loop -> set down/put away


Sometimes these objects are not collected and will be set back down, others are kept for future viewing. The ones that are kept need sounds for being taken out of the backpack, those that get set down need one for being set down.

In the video I have the items in context with the full mix and solo'd.